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MidMC Computer Services


ESET Internet Security delivers rock-solid multi-layered antimalware protection for everyday web users, built on ESET’s trademark balance of detection, speed and usability.

As well as award-winning ESET Antivirus and Antispyware, and ESET’s firewall, you can protect your webcam from misuse, check the security of your home Wi-Fi router, test your network-connected smart devices, manage your kids’ online adventures, and bank online more safely using ESET’s special secure browser window.

Meanwhile, Exploit Blocker works to detect and defeat ransomware and lockscreen attacks. Plus, with License Manager you can manage connected devices and licenses via our platform.

New to 2018 Edition:

  • UEFI Scanner to protect your computer on a deeper level

  • Licence Manager allows you to check/manage your licences online

  • Connected Home Monitor now allows you to scan IoT devices for vulnerabilities

  • Anti-Theft is now a part of ESET Internet Security

Highlights Of Internet Security

  • Antivirus

  • Antispyware

  • Anti-Phishing

  • Explout Blocker

  • Advanced Memory Scanner

  • Cloud Powered Scanning

  • Scan While Downloading files

  • Idle-State Scanning

  • Device Control

  • Gamer Mode

  • Host-Based Intrusion Preventsion System (HIPS)

  • Light System Footprint

  • Ransomware Shield

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